Donald and Douglas are practical and level-minded characters who nevertheless enjoy a joke, especially
Donald and Douglas
impersonating one another - the fitting of the twins with nameplates was done to specifically end this element of their humour. Their tendency for jokes, however, has continued and both display a keen sense of wit and, where necessary, an acid tongue. In their work, however, their performance is exemplary and they can be described as some of the most well-regarded engines in service on the railway, comparable with Duck and Edward in their reliability.

Donald and Douglas understandably held a grudge against Diesels for a time - after all, the oil-guzzling engines were taking over their work - but after Boco helped them in Edward's absence, they have agreed that there is nothing wrong with Diesels on the whole.


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Ilovetrains323 (Season 1 Only)

Scruffyengine (Season 2-Present)


ilovetrains323 (Season 2-Present)